Omnicell GFM 2019

Today, we start writing the story of how Omnicell transformed medication management everywhere!  2.5 days of reflection, presentations, and awards.  We produced this event for 330 people which included a custom circular stage and special effects for the awards night. Media John McCurdy Jill Carver Ryan Doyle Chris Bell

Omnicell GFM 2018

Recently, Eaglevision produced a global field meeting for Omnicell. What made it stand out from garden variety meetings was that it was done as a live talk show. The fact that everyone--no matter which country they're from--knows what a talk show is makes it such an appealing choice for a sales conference or any corporate event. The beauty of the format is that it allows for intimate, one-on-one conversation instead of one speaker after another getting up and doing a tedious PowerPoint presentation. What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities to add entertainment value—from an opening monologue and Top Ten list to commercial parodies and sketches. In short, a talk show is the ideal vehicle to deliver relevant information in the most singular, memorable way imaginable. Image Gallery Walk-In Media Opening Video Commercial #1 PMAP Candid Camera Photo Booth Commercial #2 Environmental Media Environmental Media Opening Video

Omnicell NFM 2017

Welcome to the 2017 National Field Meeting. Though, truth is not just a national meeting.  We have representatives from around the globe here with us today. And I would like to make all of you feel right at home by saying, “Willkommen,” “Bienvenue,” “Huanying,” and for our team from Australia, “G’day.” I hope everyone is enjoying being here in Austin. It’sthe hotel, the front desk clerk asked if I wanted smoking, non-smoking or barbecuing.Texas is definitely different. Here, a hybrid car is one that runs on gas but has a recycled gun rack. I wish you luck if you don’t eat meat. To Texans, meat is not just a meal, it’s a religion. Literally.   Now, I know at this point some of you are probablyPresident, GAMA? Well, being that Omnicell is a highly democratic company, Rob and I decided to settle the issue in a highly democratic way. Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering, “Hey, Chris, Rob sunk your battleship, how could you be hosting?” There’s a simple explanation. We only budgeted for a two-minute video and there was no way I was gonna pay a nickel more. So the challenges went on for another two days off-camera and I finally prevailed, whooping Rob in a grueling round of Go Fish.   That said, I’ll be hosting first while Rob will take charge part way through the show, bringing his unique personality and wit to the proceedings. And speaking of the show, we’ve got a stellar lineup of guests. The head honcho himself, Randy Lipps, will be here. We’ll also be visiting with Peter [...]

Ascend Pinnacle Conference 2017

Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America. Established in 2005, Ascend has grown to serve professionals and corporations across various professions and across multiple industries. Ascend reaches 60,000 people with 34 student chapters and 17 professional chapters located in both the United States and Canada around major business hubs and educational institutions. We offer robust professional development and career enhancement programs designed to cultivate Pan-Asian talent. In addition, the National Association of Asian MBAs (NAAMBA), Ascend’s national organization for MBA professionals and students, fosters Competent, Committed, Competitive, and Collaborative global MBA leaders to fulfill diverse talent pipelines. Ascend Foundation‘s research provides the basis to the development of our leadership and development programs.    

Omnicell: NFM Live

The Omnicell National Field Meeting is a place where the company comes together to look forward to the next year.  This years event was modeled after a Late Night Talkshow with the President of the company acting as our host! Omnicell Gallery Awards Time Lapse

Omnicell: On Fire!

The 2014 National Field Meeting for Omnicell featured an array of indoor pyro-technics to reinforce the idea the Omnicell is On Fire!  We branded the general session as On Fire and the awards program as En Fuego in honor of our spicy Miami location.  Take a quick look at the grand entrance featuring the indoor pyro. Photo GalleryConference Design / Media

Hilton Fusion

Fusion.  It’s the merging of different elements into a union. It’s the blend of sensations, perceptions, ideas, and attitudes.  Fusion is a style of cooking that combines techniques from different cultures.  It’s the mechanism that allows different images from each eye to merge into a single image.  And it’s the combination of the predictable with the unexpected - to create the spectacular.  Sounds pretty much like the agenda for our  meeting in New Orleans.  Combine tools & best practices with speaker insight and success stories from your colleagues – and you’ll find a recipe for performance. Photo GalleryDesign Elements Photo Booth Video Volunteer Video

KFORCE Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo -Two words which evoke a magical dream world. Monaco's exceptional location, between mountain and sea, its gardens, its athletic and cultural events...all qualities which make it the ideal destination for an unforgettable conference. Photo Gallery